Eating healthy is as easy as tricking yourself

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December 3, 2013
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Eating healthy is as easy as tricking yourself

Tricks are for Kids. At least that what commercials tell us, now what if I said tricks are a great investment into starting a healthy and more productive lifestyle. Let’s face it, switching from a delicious, sweet, chocolate shake into a low-fat light dressing salad, doesn’t take place overnight. There are a few steps and precautions (tricks) that we need illustrated in our daily routine, without even knowing it. Seems complicated, but what if I said you can easily trick your mind into a healthy lifestyle with just a blink of an eye. Eating and practicing health alternatives can be adapted without your conscience state of mind; of you training and or mentally thinking of the act. Switching your dinner plates into a small size and different color is a way to start.

According to a scientific article, the small action of switching over to green and blue plates can help trigger your mind into eating more greens. The colors of the vegetables blend into your small dish, awakening an eye attracts to your brain; as a result your mind eats more vegetables without consciously knowing. Wrapping your foods in clear plastic wraps, also, to switching your plates also adds a dramatic effect in eating healthy. When food is visible to the mind, it illustrates a pretty picture. For example, that homemade snack wrap or sautéed fish you made for last night dinner can be eaten again for lunch. By wrapping your leftovers in plastic, it’s easier to pick it up the next morning. Presentations play a vital part in creating better eating habits.

Another simple step in eating healthy is leaving a trail of healthy snacks around your house, workplace and purse. Eating every two hours helps to keep your metabolism going, by keeping healthy snacks around your daily routine routes helps to ensure you’re getting all the necessary  nutrients and vitamins versus going to the vending machine getting a bag of chips. Always keeping water handling is a plus in maintaining healthy habits, without thinking twice. Water is a great source of value for a healthy lifestyle, not only is it essential, but it’s resourcefully and helps keep an active lifestyle.

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